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Last saturday i was working with two of my students and the first-time for me i felt really comfortable wrestling. I the sense of relaxing and let the breath guide the movement on the ground. The last few months i have been working with a medicine-ball to feel more comfortalble to do the transitions. It really works to have a medicine-ball. It’s great fun to use and to move with it on the ground is as well relaxing yourself and feel where the tension is in the body. After the working and training the medicine-ball it becomes more evident in which direction you have to work.

The click came for me when i felt during the movement i felt in which direction on the ball i had to work. It was like lightning or a thunderstruck on a clear day.

The Combative body

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The combative body is ready for impact, release of fear and tension. Massage is a great way to get started. Here in Systema Alkmaar we still have a great thing to learn, but who doesn’t. If you are interested to work with your own tension and fears, please come over and join us on our Journey to become a better person,

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Massage Systema Alkmaar The combative body

Massage Systema Alkmaar
The combative body