Standing work dealing with grabs

Dear reader,

Last Saturday we worked from standing with grabs. It’s amazing to feel where the tension is in the persons body. First we did wresting on the ground, but the interesting this is that you can also feel it when you do standing work. The only thing that you have to do is relax and feel where the tension from the other person is going and lead the person in the same direction. To relax is by concept real easy, but to do it for real is quit a challenge. I just call it homework. If you can’t do it directly, but play with it. Be serious on the inside but definitely have fun while moving.

The difference is that you don’t want to do something but feel where the persons wants to go. What you can do is give or take tension so that you takeaway the ability of the opponent to use your center. A lot of homework to do. Keep on developing! 🙂

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