The Combative body

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The combative body is ready for impact, release of fear and tension. Massage is a great way to get started. Here in Systema Alkmaar we still have a great thing to learn, but who doesn’t. If you are interested to work with your own tension and fears, please come over and join us on our Journey to become a better person,

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Massage Systema Alkmaar The combative body

Massage Systema Alkmaar
The combative body


Josafath Herrera “Conscious in Motion’ Seminar Amsterdam 2014

After watching the youtubes for about four years we finaly got in contact and we invited Josafath Herrra to come to Amsterdam and teach. The theme of this weekend was “Conscious in Motion” The thing i was concious about what that movement didn’t become natural and that i had to let go of old patterns. That was great, but a really big challenge. Looking forward to train and work again with Josafath Herrera. He is amazing and a thru Martial artist teaching in Mexico City

Mikhail Ryabko Hand to Hand

Mikhail shows that positioning and timing is really important. So what can you learn from watching this video. For me positioning and timing is the key to a lot of movement involving a attacking person.

Vladimir Vasiliev shortwork

A really nice way to look at structure, positioning, breathing and movement. Perfect and relaxed. Shortwork looks easy when Vladimir Vasiliev is doing it. I hope that my positioning structure will improve quickly. Great to watch

Vladimir Vasiliev

Functioneel stoten is een principe die je bij systema ontwikkeld. In dit filmpje kan je zien dat Vladimir Vasiliev bezig om ontspannen te blijven en te zijn en dat je met stoten kan werken om de structuur van diegene die je aanvalt te veranderen. Er wordt duidelijk uitgelegd dat het niet belangrijk is waar je je vuisten hebt, maar dat je ze voelt omdat ze zwaar en ontspannen aanvoelen.